Part two: High on your own supply!

Part two of my Wim Hof Method journey is where the rubber meets the road! I’m documenting my Wim Hof Method journey on the “Medium” platform, and this part is where I put theory into practice. I enthusiastically delved into the breathing sessions and endured my first cold showers. I document my unexpected reaction to the Wim Hof Method breathing sessions and the emotional releases the sessions would sometimes bring forth. This stage of my Wim Hof Method journey also signaled the early stages of how the method was helping my body to better withstand the stress put on my body, doing one of the things I love the most: running!

I also document my setbacks and where things didn’t go exactly to plan. We are not machines. Some adaptations may take longer, and some may never come. The Wim Hof Method isn’t “one size fits all,” and we all have our vulnerabilities that the method will help you hone in on and explore. Because it was the pandemic, I was enjoying the journey alone, and already I was hooked. I had no idea what was in store when I started practicing the method with other people (part three)!

I hope you are enjoying your own Wim Hof Method journey, wherever that may lead, and I hope you enjoy the read!

Strength, Health & Happiness,
(photo used with the permission of Innerfire BV)

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